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IWC Replica Watches Launched New

Since the advent of more than 30 years,IWC Replica Watches is a representative of the Italian lifestyle. Now, this timeless elegance series adds two new members, a tourbillon and a moon phase display. Today, we will introduce this Tourbillon watch.

Park Tao Fenuo series manual winding Tourbillon reverse jump watch is the first with Tourbillon Park Tao Feno time meter. The balance wheel, the pawl lever, and the escape wheel are assembled in the same tourbillon frame, which rotates every minute around the axis. New research and development of the “stop tourbillon” so that the watch set the time to precision seconds. The IWC Replica also improves the geometrical structure of the pawl lever and escapement wheel, combined with diamond-coated silicon parts, reduces friction, allowing the 59900 manual winding movement to provide up to 8 days of power reserve after full string.

Silver-plated dial decorated gold-plated pointer and real gold inlaid time scale, and provide reverse jump date display and power reserve display, with the Replica Watches tourbillon perfect match. Case to 18K red gold to create, through the sapphire crystal table, you can enjoy the decoration of the Geneva stripes 59900 manual winding movement. This watch comes with a Santoni dark brown alligator strap.

IWC Replica Watches Belong Only To Men’s Table!

The world’s most popular series is the Portuguese series in the seven-day chain and the Portuguese timing, and one of the biggest difference between them is one is the use of self-produced Billeton movement super 7 days power Reserve movement, while the IWC Replica Watches Portuguese timing section is used after the improved ETA movement and only 44 hours of power reserve.

Portugal is a full range of the use of the nations of the 50000 movement, the kingdom of 50000 movement is the biggest feature of the dial is a large scale eye-catching, and there are up to 7 days of power reserve. This series of movement is equipped with an unprecedented movement of the excellent device, including the very well-known IWC Replica on the chain system, Breguet hairspring balance wheel, etc., to ensure its accuracy.

Vanguard 50000 model cast the Portuguese series of large dial, simple design makes people grasp the time at a glance. Classic small second hand and 7 day power reserve display. More new and advanced features, such as coated convex sapphire glass table mirror, the Replica Watches new screw-in sapphire glass bottom. These are cast a perfect Portuguese 7-day chain watch.

This watch gives me the first impression is the atmosphere, domineering dial with blue sword pointer and blue crocodile leather strap, so that this watch looks low-key yet luxury. Dial time scale using the Swiss Replica Watches relief of the workmanship, so that the entire dial looks dynamic. At three o’clock the power reserve display dial there is a power less than a day of red tips, so you quickly move up for the watch on the chain. Willow-shaped pointer sharp styling moments for you to specify the time. In six o’clock position not only wrote the origin of this watch, as well as date display function. At the same time in the nine o’clock position there are small seconds dial, Best Replica Watches For Sale so you can more accurate understanding of the time scale.

Through the sapphire glass transparent table can see the operation of the 00000-type movement, and engraved with a 7-day power of the logo, and Breguet gossamer and so on.

Seven-day chain power in exchange for not only the power of worry-free satisfaction, and get a relatively thick case. This case thickness of 13.9 mm equivalent to the product series of complex features Replica Watches China the thickness of the three. Steel rhodium-plated case to ensure that the burden of carrying the huge million 50000 movement of the task, while it gives a heavy sense is unparalleled, wearing a feeling of people feel safe and easy to wear a clasp is still more convenient , Just take off when you need to be careful to prevent scratching the crocodile leather strap.

You can clearly see the blue suture and strap on the texture, texture is very good. But when wearing a little bit will be blunt, maybe I used to get the chain of steel reasons. Swiss Replica IWC Portugal Chronograph compared to the Portuguese seven-day chain watch has these two advantages, one for the Portuguese watch than the Portuguese seven thin, the second and most important thing is cheaper than the seven, which is the majority of friends To give up the reason for the choice of Portugal. Watch the disk design is very common Portuguese chronograph watch design, 6 o’clock position for the normal small seconds design, 12 o’clock position for the 30-minute chronograph, chronograph second hand as the center of the slender pointer. And the normal time points as the same, all using blue steel pointer design, beautiful fashion.

IWC Replica Watches

IWC Replica Watches

Stainless steel to create a case with brushed handle, beautiful fashion, and in the watch was slightly scratched when it does not affect the appearance. According to the official information provided in the watch the thickness of 12.3 mm, than the average Portuguese seven watch thin 1.6 mm. Fake IWC the dial on the groove engraved with a precise second hand display scale, scale can be displayed to 1/4 seconds. So that in the process of timing, you can clearly read the time. Stainless steel to create the lug, and the case between the show a perfect curvature, which is to fit the wrist and do a design. From the figure we can also see the case used by the drawing processing, really is very nice.